How this site is organized

You will find the following elements on each page of this site:

Horizontal navigation bar

Important information on "Standards Ticker" such as Help, Contact, etc. is given here. Just below this bar is the Basket containing the articles you wish to purchase; it can be accessed anytime by clicking on it.

Vertical navigation bar on left

On each page you will find various links on the left navigation bar. You can log on or register for the service. If you have forgotten your password, contact us and we will send it to you by e-mail.

Click on Standards Ticker/tool for information on the tool. You can log on or register.

Click on Standards Ticker/portal for information on the compact version. Here you can also log on or register.

Click on About Standards Ticker weiterführende Informationen zum Normen-Ticker an sich.

Click on Client notifications for all notifications for subscribers regarding Standards Ticker.

Click on List of collections of technical rules for a list of all the collections in Standards Ticker.

Click on GPSG befindet sich das Verzeichnis der im Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz(GPSG) benannten technischen Regeln.

Log on

Are you already a Standards Ticker/portal or Standards Ticker/tool customer? If so, you can log on immediately with your user data.

Standards Ticker/tool

Standards Ticker/tool customers can use the following functions after logging on:

You will be taken to the above overview:

  • All new documents: Shows all documents added within the last three months.
  • All modified documents: Shows all documents modified within the last three months.
  • All withdrawn documents: Shows all documents withdrawn within the last three months.
  • Bookmarks: Takes you to the overview of all the documents you have bookmarked.
  • To Search: Takes you to the search screen.

The other functions are described in „Standards Ticker/tool and Standards Ticker/portal“

Standards Ticker/portal

Standards Ticker/portal customers can use the following functions after logging on:

You will be taken to the above overview:

  • Documents in your subscription: Shows all the documents in your subscription.
  • Documents added to subscription since ...= Shows all the documents added to the subscription.
  • Documents removed from subscription since…= Shows all the documents removed from your subscription.
  • Intended withdrawal from subscription since…= Shows all the documents in your subscription that will be withdrawn sometime soon.
  • Search in subscription: Takes you to the search mask.
  • Update info: Gives you monthly update information.
  • Open as CSV file: You can open a list of the documents in your subscription in csv file format. This file can by opened with Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Standards Ticker uses a semantic search functionality (i.e. besides direct hits, similar documents are also displayed). If you wish to search without semantic elements choose "Exact search". The search screen is explained below:

  • Search in (for Standards Ticker/portal customers only): Here you can choose where you wish to search. You can choose from the DIN Catalogue, your subscription or Beuth's web shop.
  • Results per page: Choose the number of results you wish to be displayed on each page (the default setting is 20 matches). You can choose between 10, 20, 50 or 100 results per page.
  • Search mode: Here you can carry out a full-text search, i.e. besides bibliographic data (title, document number, etc.) the search also looks for your search term in the actual texts of documents, giving you more results.

    Example: Search for "screw"

    Result: Documents on screws, test screws, screw heads, etc.

    Choose the "Exact Search" mode to only obtain documents that exactly match your search term.

    Example: Search for "screw"

    Result: Documents relating to "screw"

    If you do not select a search mode, the search will be within the bibliographic data.

  • Search for documents: You can choose to view documents that include a bookmark or note.
  • Free-text search: Enter a search term. This can be a search term or number, and you can also truncate your search. Searches are NOT case sensitive; that means it doesn't matter whether you use capital or small letters.

    An asterisk (*) can stand for one or more characters (letters or numbers) in your search term. For example, enter "machine*" to retrieve entries containing the words "machine", "machines", "machinery", etc.

    You can link several terms in your search as follows:

    • Use "und" (German for "and") or a space if BOTH terms must be included in an entry.
    • Use "oder" (German for "or") or "|" if only ONE of the terms must be included in an entry.
  • ICS: Here you can search directly by ICS number (ICS = International Classification for Standards).
  • Document no.: Lets you search directly according to document number (identifier).
  • Publication date: Search for documents with a specific publication date. You must use the following formats: JJJJ-MM-TT or JJJJ-MM.
    You can also search for more than one publication date with the help of the boolean operators (OR, AND).
  • Document type: Search according to the status of the document.
  • Limit to: You can choose between German or international, or both.
  • Update flag: Search for documents with a certain currency.
  • Incl. withdrawn documents: Includes withdrawn documents in your search results.

A dropdown list is provided to help you choose..

Besides the default search fields, two are freely selectable. You can choose between three search fields in check boxes.

  • Concordance search: Refers to international and European rules that are related to the relevant document.
  • Search terms: Search according to freely selectable search terms.
  • Available from: Search for documents from a specific source.
  • Collection: Here you can limit your search to certain collections of rules.

Search results

Your search results are displayed as follows.


  • Sort matches: You can sort your results according to one or two criteria (e.g. document number, publication date) in ascending or descending order.
  • Results/Selections: With a single click you can bookmark all matches you have selected.
  • Selection for display: Choose the information you wish to view in your display.
  • Results per page: Here you can change the number of results to be shown on each page.
  • Change view (blue buttons on right): Lets you see your search results in a table view with/without navigation or in a text view (see picture).
  • Use to save personal notes on the document.
  • Use to bookmark this document.

Full-text search

The yellow button "Full-text search" again enables you to search full texts. Using this option lets you see the places in the text where your search word(s) occur(s).

Use(only appears in a full-text search) to view a bar chart showing how where and how often your search word(s) occur(s) in the document.

Associated concepts are shown below the bar chart. Click on a term that interests you and a new search will be carried out with this term.

Refine search

You can refine your search by filtering according to update flag, document type, ICS group, collections of rules and language. You can use more than one filter at the same time.

The filters you have chosen will be displayed in the left navigation bar (" Your refinements"). To cancel the filter, click on or "Delete all".


Search queries

If you wish to use the same search queries frequently (i.e. using identical entries on the search screen) you can save these queries and retrieve them whenever you wish.

You can save your search queries under "New search query". You can modify, delete or use your search queries whenever you wish.


Click on "Bookmarks" on the navigation bar on the left to see which documents you have given a book mark.


You can make personal notes on documents. You can view change and delete these notes in the menu item "Notes" on the vertical navigation bar on the left.


Add the documents you wish to order to your basket.

  • Print order: Your order will be shown in a print-optimized version. Use the key combination STRG + P to print your order.
  • Bestellung per Email: Order by e-mail: An e-mail with your order will be generated. You can send this email directly to Beuth Verlag ( as an order or enter another address for it to be sent to.
  • Order at You will be guided to the Beuth Verlag's web shop where you can complete your order.

Company license

Company licenses enable more than one user to use the online service concurrently. With a "Company license - site", several members of staff within one company location/building have simultaneous access to the online service. With a "Company license - domestic", several members of staff at more than one location within a country have simultaneous access to the online service.
Upon registration each company or organization receives its own user name and password. You may pass this information on to other members of your company or organization only if these are authorized to use the online service and you have the appropriate license. Passing on this information to company members not included in the license or to other third parties is not permitted.

Please note that functions associated with their profile, such as "Change password", are not available to company license users.