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Price list | Yearly service package - 2023

does not include the costs for document delivery

Up to 500 dokuments


Basic incl. VAT


Pro incl. VAT

Single workstation / Base price

537,00 EUR

639,03 EUR

671,25 EUR

798,79 EUR

Company licence site

939,75 EUR

1.118,30 EUR

1.176,03 EUR

1.399,48 EUR

Company licence - domestic (2 - 4 sites)

1.342,50 EUR

1.597,58 EUR

1.680,81 EUR

2.000,16 EUR

Company licence - domestic (5 - 8 sites)

1.611,00 EUR

1.917,09 EUR

2.013,75 EUR

2.396,36 EUR

Company licence - domestic (9 - 12 sites)

1.879,50 EUR

2.236,61 EUR

2.352,06 EUR

2.798,95 EUR

All prices are annual prices plus VAT. Prices for other product variants on request. The service flat rate consists of the basic price/network share/variant.

Costs for document delivery

For each standard and technical rule delivered, you will be charged the list price of that document. Your discounted price: If you are a subscriber to Standards Ticker/portal, you receive a 5 % discount when downloading new editions of DIN Standards and VDI Guidelines (excluding DIN VDE or VDI/VDE standards).

Network licence fees (where applicable)

You would like to load purchased documents into your company intranet and use them there? We would be happy to advise and let you know the price of a network licence. Contact us for further information.

Are the prices given per month or per year?

The basic prices and additional costs for network licences (if applicable) are invoiced for each calendar year. You will receive a 5 % discounts on documents provided to you automatically.